Anthony Lamarr, Alive from the album Jump Start the Soul

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Musician, actor, entertainer

Based in Madison Wisconsin, Anthony Lamarr is a versatile musician, entertainer, and actor. Whether you are a musician who is seeking colaboration or diverse expertise, or are an event organizer who is searching for the perfect entertainment experience, Anthony Lamarr can deliver a one-of-a-kind experience.

Anthony Lamarr is well-versed in music studio and video production, live performances, social media campaigns, and will add value and vision to your productions and events. Anthony Lamarr has performed on coast-to-coast tours and one-off events, as well as performances in Europe.

Anthony Lamarr would love to consult with you about your event and entertainment needs, and he welcomes your inquiries for his services and organization. Email inquiries can be sent to

Check out Anthony's new album, Declaration,
available July 4, 2015.

Declaration album cover

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Anthony Lamarr has been producing music videos for himself and his clients since 2011, with his debut video "We're Smelling Roses."